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The Black Line Syndrome!

We are kings and queens of our castles, rulers of our empires. Our bodies, are our temples. Yes, I'm speaking in metaphors, but you get the point. This level of respect and care for ourselves, should be a given--but more often than not, it's a detail that is overlooked. We are beautiful inside and theory. But [...]

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Article By Yahoo!!!

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed for an article on Yahoo. El artículo es en español. Estoy felíz que puedo a conectar con mucha gente. Portrait of beautiful young woman wearing braces, isolated on white

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Top Dentists of NJ

Great news, I was named one of the "Top Dentists of NJ" by Healthy Living Magazine. I love my work and appreciate the recognition!

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Be kind, don’t rewind

  Well, we've gotten through the first month of 2016. How's everyone faring? Is it what you envisioned? Or are you beating yourself up because you feel like your life plan has gone off course? I truly believe that there are no wrong turns, no accidents. We are the sum of our experiences and everything [...]

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Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body…

Why toothpaste may be bad for your teeth? Most of us use toothpaste and don't really give a second thought to the brand or type we use. But do we really need to use it for the health of our teeth in the first place? The short answer is no. Regardless of what the dental [...]

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Big Smiles in 2016

Welcome to 2016! Another new year, another opportunity to make or break resolutions. We're always using this time to set goals to achieve, many of which surround our health; exercise more, eat better, lose weight, decrease stress, have more downtime. These are all great resolutions to work towards and hopefully achieve. But let's not forget [...]

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