We are kings and queens of our castles, rulers of our empires. Our bodies, are our temples. Yes, I’m speaking in metaphors, but you get the point. This level of respect and care for ourselves, should be a given–but more often than not, it’s a detail that is overlooked.

We are beautiful inside and out…in theory. But in some cases, I’m not too certain about the “out” part. There is nothing wrong or vain, about wanting your exterior to look attractive and kempt– to be a positive reflection of your overall health. From the more obvious things like; maintaining good personal hygiene, being cleanly, wearing flattering clothing, to the finer details, like clean finger nails or groomed brows.

There are people that spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on skin creams, hair products, anti aging eye gels–but when it comes to the finer details of dental aesthetics, they fall short. Come on, you knew this was leading back to the teeth, right?

Many of us kings and queens, have crown replacements. But, not all of them reflect a regal and polished kingdom. This brings forth, what I like to call, “The Black Line Syndrome”. “What’s that, it sounds scary!” Believe me, the only thing scary about it, is that in this day and age, people still walk around like this. You see, when someone has an old crown, sometimes the metal part of the crown starts showing, creating a black line between the crown and the tooth.

The Black Line Syndrome

I recently had a patient who suffered from Black Line Syndrome.  Whenever she smiled or laughed, that pesky black line was visible. The black line took the attention away from this beautiful, charismatic woman and pulled the focus onto a hairline scourge. As a result, she had become self conscious about expressing her infectious laugh.

I assured her that new crown materials had come a long way! I easily replaced the culprit with a new, ivory colored crown. And just like that, she was cured of Black Line Syndrome.

I’m reaching out to all of you kings and queens out there with unsightly crowns. Time to clean up your castles!  Walk tall with confidence, share your spirit with ease and pride.

And as always, keep smiling!