Our goal is always to preserve and support tooth structure based on scientifically proven techniques and relying on our bonding capabilities. Biomimetic techniques can often help you to AVOID NEEDING A ROOT CANAL on your tooth! If your tooth is vital, if the nerve responds to cold, the nerve should NOT be removed. We can restore your tooth without the need for a Root Canal procedure.

Biomimetic dentistry strives to peserve intact tooth structure and restore the function and internal biomechanics of natural teeth. Our dental materials and adhesives have advanced so much and has, in many cases, eliminated the need to cut a tooth down to place a crown over it. Once a crown has had a crown or a root canal, the longevity of the tooth is significantly shortened. If we can restore more conservatively, then it will prolong the life of the tooth and if the tooth becomes compromised in the future, it can be repaired more easily and saved.

Why is Biomimetic dentistry important?

This approach can dramatically reduce the need to remove teeth or grind them down for crowns, root canals and other procedures that weaken the tooth over time. The “Less is more” approach corrects problems through a minimalist and less invasive treatment option rather than grinding down or removing teeth before it is absolutely necessary.

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