Reiki is a biofield energy therapy that is based on the fact that there is a universal energy that supports the body’s innate healing abilities. The human body generates an electromagnetic field. Measurements of this field are often used in conventional medicine in the way of EKG’s and EEG’s and x-rays to name a few examples. Since we emit energy, we can use and transfer this energy to another person for healing purposes. No machines or special equipment is required! A trained Reiki practitioner uses their hands as a conduit to channel the energy to go naturally to any area of the recipient’s body where it is needed. This provides a means for life force energy to recharge the human energy fields, creating optimal conditions needed by the body’s natural healing system. It will help balance your bioenergetic field and increase your vibration. An imbalance in flow of your energy can manifest as disease in your physical body so this can help reduce physical disease that has already started to form in your energetic body. Book a Reiki session or a Reiki infused dental cleaning here:

Dr. Vaziri with a Herkimer Quartz

There are numerous health benefits to Reiki: Here are a few.

Physical benefits:

1. Relief from all chronic and acute illnesses including serious conditions like heart disease and cancer. Improves circulation, balances organs and glands and their functions.

2. Helps recovery from colds/flu, heals skin conditions, asthma.

3. Reduces frequency of headaches/migraines, lowers blood pressure, reduces any type of pain, shortens recovery time post operatively. Aids in tissue healing and regeneration.

Mental Benefits and Emotional Benefits:

  1. You mind becomes calm and and there is relief from anxiety and depression. Emotional blocks can be cleared.
  2. Creativity is enhanced and there is clarity and an increase in intuition.
  3. Increase in self confidence and self awareness.
  4. Helps you feel more connected with higher consciousness bringing a deep inner peace and overall happiness and security.
  5. Increases your vibrational frequency.

Reiki can be used easily in the dental chair by a Reiki practitioner. It is a great way to assist anxious patients before their treatment. The dentist often prescribes an anti-anxiety drug for patients with dental fear.  But Reiki can help to eliminate/complement this need. Dr. Vaziri provides Reiki infused dental cleanings which can leave you feeling fresh and clean as well as balanced and relaxed! A new level of healing to unlock your own innate ability to empower you to create health within yourself. Learn about it here

Holistic, natural dental professionals are a rapidly growing body of medical professionals that believe Reiki is an important addition to dental, medical, and psychological patient management. It is not a magic cure but a gentle hands-on practice that reduces stress which can promote healing. A growing number of hospitals and healthcare practices all over the world are providing this service to patients. The practitioner uses their hands on the head, back, belly and feet along with breathing exercises. The aim is for the patient to experience a state of well being. Scientific research in the field of energy medicine is showing that your energy field affects your physical body and your consciousness affects your energy field. Reiki helps you to get back in touch with your consciousness. You have the power to improve your general health and your dental health!

Dr.Vaziri is certified in level 2 Usui Reiki. Feel free to ask how Reiki can help you heal all aspects of your being!

DISCLAIMER: Alternative medical and dental care is given to supplement traditional medicine and dentistry and is not intended as a replacement.

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