We take pride on being a cutting-edge practice!! Our priority is to deliver quality services through use of new equipment, materials, techniques, as well as implementing the latest technology to better serve our patients. Dental equipment allows us to provide the highest in quality of care. Some of the technologies that you will find throughout the office are:

  • The Digital X-ray system. Dental X-rays taken using a digital X-ray sensor provide the patient with lower radiation exposures than traditional high-speed dental films and these modern digitally produced radio-graphic images are instantly developed and can be easily emailed to specialists or dentists for second opinions. Additional benefits include better archival quality and support patient’s education & viewing.
  • The Nomad Pro– designed with safety for the operator and patient in mind, the nomad pro employs an external backscatter shield and internal radiation shielding for superior protection. Exposure from Nomad is less than 1% of allowed doses!
  • Microlux 2- A simple yet powerful fiberoptic transilluminator that can detect decay between teeth, oftentimes, reducing the need to take a xray.  Also detects cracks and decay in its earliest stages.
  • Panorex– The newest addition to our family is the digital panorex machine that allows us to take an image of the entire upper and lower jaws.  In just 9 seconds the machine rotates around the head and produces details that we could not otherwise see in traditional dental xrays.
  • Intra-Oral Camera & Video helps the professionals visualize the dentition and soft tissues better as compared to traditional mirrors. Shown to patients, it helps them visualize and comprehend the recommendations for treatment.
  • At Summit Smiles, our mission is to maintain accurate and secure patient records. We use Electronic Charting to help us meet those goals and access the charts fast. We use electronic charting to share information quickly and effortlessly among the staff members who all be working on the patient’s case during a visit. We are a paperless office.
  • Microabrasion is the process of removing this superficial defective enamel. This is a one-appointment procedure. Microabrasion is a simple and inexpensive way of treating these unsightly “white-spots” that is also less invasive than drilling in the healthy teeth.
  • If you need it, root canal treatment can be less stressful with our new rotary endodontic treatment.  This treatment has advanced greatly over the last few years. Treatment time is less and the results are better.
  • Clear Aligners that utilize computer generated animation and Computer aided technology to plan and model orthodontic movements of teeth and allow fabrication of custom-made clear trays that create planned tooth movement.
  • Latest Computer technology with flat screens in every room
  • Diode Laser for soft tissue procedures, treating mouth sores and more. [Read More]
  • We are continually working toward adding new technology as dentistry continues to advance.

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