What is a Reiki infused dental cleaning and why should you have one?

This is a unique treatment you can only find at Summit Smiles! Whether you have anxiety and want an more relaxing spa-like dental cleaning experience or you would like to energize your dental health with intention, this takes your dental cleaning to the next level of healing! Reiki helps you unlock and realize your own innate healing capabilities! Learn about what Reiki is here https://www.summitsmilesnj.com/usui-reiki/

As part of your cleaning and exam, Dr. Vaziri will channel Reiki energy to your upper Chakras or energy fields while you relax with the healing sounds of Solfeggio Frequencies for teeth. It is recommended that you bring your own earbuds for sound. Treatment will begin with x-rays as needed, my homemade mouthwash rinse and an energy read with a pendulum. We will then allow you to relax to the music, dim the lights and channel the energy. The energy connects with your innate body and goes where you need it. Certain crystals may be used if intuitively guided to do so. Your teeth will be cleaned and you will feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. The session will end with not only your dental exam findings but also any energetic insight that may help you in your daily life. Tarot may also be consulted for additional insight. Your teeth do talk! So come in with your intentions and I will help you improve your teeth and much more!

Call/text 908-737-1313, email us at summitsmilesnj@gmail.com or book an appointment for a Reiki session or a Reiki infused dental cleaning online herehttps://www.summitsmilesnj.com/contact-us/