Evolved Dentistry.

Our philosophy lies in treating the patient. Not just their teeth.  We realize that there may be more to your dental issue than “meets the eye” and we will help you find a solution to resolve it.  In addition to conventional dentistry, Dr. Vaziri is knowledgeable in energy medicine and can use alternative techniques like Reiki,  look at your meridians related to your teeth, and explore other mind body connections to improve your health if you are open to receiving them.  Sometimes dental issues can persist and addressing the energetic component can help.  Modern science has served us to heal the physical body however we are a larger energy field that carries imbalances that can be addressed for long term optimum health!

If you have a dental emergency, whether it’s a toothache, a broken tooth or a lost filling, we know it’s important that you get seen as soon as possible. As our patient, you can rest assured that you will always be taken care of promptly.

We put your interests above all

Our focus is on treating you like family, and in fact, many of our patients are our families and friends and we extend the same concern to each and every patient we see. Today, some dentists feel handcuffed by insurance companies to limit their services based on what the insurance company thinks is right for you. We think that’s wrong, and always offer you all of your options and recommend the care that is the best for your individual dental and overall health!

In addition to accepting dental insurance, we offer an In-House Membership Plan!  This plan provides affordable dental care for over half off of our normal fees for preventive dental care.

We have Saturday appointments available

You have a busy schedule. Work, picking up kids from school/remote learning, going to the gym, getting groceries…..sometimes it’s hard to fit a dental appointment in the middle of the day and we understand.

We make dentistry comfortable

A dental visit doesn’t have to be unpleasant and scary anymore. We use the modern technologies to make your visit relaxing, such as headphones with your favorite music streaming.  We allow use of your phone for any distractions that help relax you.  Patients often comment on how relaxing we make the environment in our office!  And it certainly helps that Dr. Vaziri has such a calm demeanor that will immediately put you at ease.  She is also a Reiki practicioner and can work with energy to help relax you as well.   We also can prescribe medications that can help you during your visit.

Infection control measures are always practiced diligently

We have always practiced in compliance with CDC guidelines for dental practices and continue to stay up to date with all of the recommendations to keep all of us safe.   We all live with pathogens every single day and this is nothing new to dental offices.  Our infection control protocols are and always have been strictly followed.  It remains our top priority!  We have separate treatment rooms, separate exits and patients are seen one at a time.

We can see your entire family! From “2 to 92”

To schedule your appointment, simply give us a call /text at (908) 737 -1313Just fill out the forms available online and email them to us. It keeps your visit shorter and keeps us paperless and contactless!