Big Smiles in 2016

Welcome to 2016! Another new year, another opportunity to make or break resolutions. We’re always using this time to set goals to achieve, many of which surround our health; exercise more, eat better, lose weight, decrease stress, have more downtime. These are all great resolutions to work towards and hopefully achieve. But let’s not forget and neglect our dental health. In a previous post last year, the connection between mind, mouth and body was discussed. And yes, like a nagging toothache, it’s being brought up again.

In the coming months, use this time to reflect and improve aspects of your life that are failing or stagnant. One’s dental health should be just as important to overall physical and mental health. In the end, they’re all tied together.

If you’ve been avoiding a check up for fear of what you will find, or if you’ve been neglecting that dull throbbing pain in your back molar–don’t. Let this be a time to address all things; career, relationships and yes, teeth–head on! And if finances are an issue, we at Summit Smiles can arrange a payment plan or steer you towards a credit program that will assist you in maintaining your best dental health.

Good luck with your plans for 2016 and keep smiling!